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The awards banquet occurs every three years. Our last banquet was held May 5/6, 2017 in Kamloops.

Here are some photos of our 50th celebration.

 Photos of some of the award winners from the last banquet that was held in Cranbrook on May 3, 2014, are shown here (click through for larger images).


Click for Complete Listing of Award Winners from 2014

1st Place Rocky Mtn. Bighorn: 191 5/8

1st Place Caribou: 419 1/8

1st Place Roosevelt's Elk: 374

1st Place Non-typical Rocky Mtn. Elk

1st Place Moose: 211 2/8

1st Place Cougar: 15 9/16

1st Place Dall's Sheep: 161 5/8

1st Place Stone's Sheep: 169 1/8

1st Place Typical Rocky Mtn. Elk: 366 6/8

1st Place Non-Typ. Mule Deer: 234 1/8

1st Place Black-tailed Deer: 130 4/8

1st Place Non-Typical Whitetail (Glen Hanna Award Winner): 225 6/8

1st Place Grizzly Bear: 25 3/16

1st Place Typical Whitetail: 174 2/8

1st Place Youth Award - Nina Schuelle: Mtn. Goat: 52

2nd Place Youth Award - Maggie Evertsen: Cougar: 15 5/16

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